Paradise Valley and Cave Creek Young Life

4727 E Bell Road Suite 45-425
Phoenix, AZ 85032

We take safety and concerns seriously. If you want to file a report of wrongdoing (anonymous or non-anonymous) it will go to our national HQ HR department directly: CLICK HERE


Jorge Lujan

Area Director

Jorge loves to coach high school football and roots for Notre Dame football on Saturdays.

Sean McGever

Area Direcror

Sean enjoys coaching high school basketball and utilizes his PhD teaching part-time at Grand Canyon University in the College of Theology.

You Were Made for this

Your story matters, and it can make a difference beyond what you imagine.

Volunteer your time to work directly with young people.

Support the staff and leaders as part of the local adult committee.

Give resources to start or sustain the financial foundation at the local or national level.

The involvement of people like you is vital to healthy, sustainable, quality youth work in your area and across our nations.
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